Marvelous Designer Import & Trace Pattern Tutorial

Import Trace Marvelous Designer Patterns Tutorial

In this free video tutorial, you’ll learn how to import a Marvelous Designer pattern and trace the pattern easy and fast.

  • You’ll learn the best way how to import a Marvelous Designer pattern in the exact right mm size so your clothes will be the right scale.
  • Discover how to lock the pattern to keep it from interfering when tracing it, and
  • How to quickly trace in a Marvelous Designer clothing pattern using the pattern creation tools.
  • Learn how to sew the traced pattern pieces together to recreate the clothing item in Marvelous Designer from the pattern.


Tutorial how to use the Marvelous Designer 7 texture transform tools – learn how to import patterns and scale, rotate, and align the patterns correctly for tracing in Marvelous Designer.


Is it possible to import any pattern into Marvelous Designer?

Yes, you can import and trace any clothing/sewing patterns in Marvelous Designer.

However, real-world sewing patterns are very confusing and difficult to use in Marvelous Designer due to the many unnecessary lines and measurements they have.

The easiest patterns to trace in Marvelous Designer are patterns which were made specifically for Marvelous Designer clothes.
See our post about real-world sewing patterns vs Marvelous Designer clothing patterns.

Need Marvelous Designer patterns?
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