Marvelous Designer Sewing Patterns

Marvelous Designer Sewing Pattern

What are Marvelous Designer sewing patterns?

Sewing patterns (also called Marvelous clothing patterns) are patterns (“blueprints”) which are used to create clothing in Marvelous Designer.

Without Marvelous sewing patterns, you can’t create clothes in Marvelous Designer software.

Here is an example dynamic 3D Marvelous Designer dress created from the sewing patterns shown on the right.

Marvelous Designer Dress Sewing Pattern by Camille Kleinman
Marvelous Designer Dress Sewing Pattern by Camille Kleinman

How are sewing patterns used to make clothes in Marvelous Designer?

To re-create clothes from a sewing pattern, you’ll need to import the pattern into Marvelous Designer, trace the pattern, sew the pattern pieces together, apply any applicable physical property presets to the pattern pieces, and simulate the garment on your avatar.

Some people use Marvelous Designer sewing patterns as cheats to see how clothes are made and learn from them.
You can also use the MD sewing patterns as reference guides when creating similar types of 3d clothes.

Or, you can use a sewing pattern to build upon it. It’s easy to modify a pattern’s size/width/curve to create many other versions and a particular look you want.

Similarly to how seamstresses cut patterns and sew them together to create clothing in the real world, Marvelous Designer clothes are also made from clothing sewing patterns. MD is a pattern-based clothing maker software program.

Below is an example render of a Marvelous Designer jacket made from a jacket sewing pattern by CG Elves.

Marvelous Designer Jacket Sewing Pattern by Camille Kleinman
Marvelous Designer Jacket Sewing Pattern by Camille Kleinman

Marvelous Designer Sewing Patterns vs Clothing Patterns

Sewing patterns are basically clothing patterns with visible sewing lines.
Such Marvelous Designer patterns are quite useful as a reference to see how to sew your patterns together in the right way to create the desired garment.

If you sew your patterns together in the wrong way, you’ll get tangled seams and problems in simulation.

Below is an example Marvelous Designer sewing pattern with visible line lengths and seam lines.
The colored, dotted lines indicate connecting seam lines.

Marvelous Designer sewing pattern for a skirt
Marvelous Designer sewing pattern for a tube skirt

Marvelous clothing patterns are patterns without visible seam lines.
Clothing patterns are easier to trace in Marvelous Designer than sewing patterns since clothing patterns have either clean outlines or outlines with line lengths while sewing patterns have colorful seams along the pattern outlines.

The most useful patterns for Marvelous Designer are ones which include several versions of the pattern such as the clothing pattern with line lengths, as well as a sewing pattern (or several sewing patterns with closeups to different parts of them).
This makes it easy for MD users to trace the pattern in the right size and also to know how to sew it together.

Go here to watch a video tutorial on how to trace patterns in Marvelous Designer.

What sewing patterns do you need in order to create Marvelous Designer clothes?

Marvelous Designer Dress Patterns and Templates by Camille Kleinman
Marvelous Designer Dress Pattern by Camille Kleinman

Every clothing item in the world is based on one of the basic types of sewing patterns.
Even clothes which look different are often made from similar sewing patterns.

If you want to be able to create every type of pants for any project, you’ll need a library of patterns which cover all the basic pants types.

Once you know the patterns for the basic types of pants, you can easily modify the patterns to create any special looking pants you want.

CG Elves has a huge library of patterns and garment files for all the fundamental types of clothes.

What other ways are there to quickly create Marvelous Designer clothes?

The easiest way to create clothes in Marvelous Designer (asides from recreating clothes from patterns) is by using ready-made Marvelous clothes (MD garment files).

A Marvelous Designer garment file is basically the finished garment consisting of clothing patterns which were sewn together and simulated correctly.

Simply import the garment file into your Marvelous Designer project and use it as-is on your avatar or modify it as needed.

Need Marvelous Designer sewing patterns, garments, and presets?
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