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How do I get rid of the default Marvelous Designer shoes? They look aweful and don't suit my clothing design. Plus the fabric keeps getting stuck on them. I just want the avatar without the bloody shoes.

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Right-click and select "Delete hair/shoes".

thank you


If you want to delete the shoes the default Marvelous Designer avatar has, right-click on a shoe with the move/transform tool (Q) and select "Delete Hair/Shoes".
Repeat with the 2nd shoe.
Make sure you click on the shoe, not on the avatar's leg. With the high-heels, it can be tricky.
If the Marvelous Designer avatar's leg is yellow, that means you didn't select the shoe...


You can use the same tool to delete default avatar hair.

To delete the default Marvelous Designer avatar's hair, right-click on the hair and select "Delete Hair/Shoes":

Marvelous Designer 7 Delete Avatar Hair

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