Marvelous Designer Collars

Marvelous Designer Shirt Collar

What kind of Marvelous Designer collars are there?

Example Marvelous Designer Sleeves Rolled up
Marvelous Designer Robe with a folded Shawl Collar

There are several different types of collars in the world such as regular shirt collars, “pointy” shirt collars, shirt collars with long pointy tips, collars with rounded edges (also known as Peter Pan collars), turtleneck collars, tall standing collars, short collars, rectangular collars, peaked collars, notched collars, shawl collars, and suit collars.

Moreover, there are flat collars, standing collars, folded collars, and rolled up collars (used in sweatshirts and sweaters).

How to make collars in Marvelous Designer?

If you know how to create the basic collar patterns, how to sew collars, how to control the collar’s fabric stiffness and folding angles, it is easy to create collars for all your clothes.

Modifying a Marvelous Designer collar pattern by raising or lowering a segment line, pulling on a segment point, or rounding a segment line will create a completely different looking collar.

How to fold collars in Marvelous Designer?

You can fold collars using the Marvelous Designer folding tool on an internal line, by changing the internal line’s folding angle, and/or by changing the seam’s folding angle.

Shirt collars are usually made of two parts: the collar lapel and the collar’s stand.

How to make a stiff shirt collar in Marvelous Designer?

To create a stiff Marvelous Designer shirt collar, you’ll need to increase the pattern’s thickness slightly and change the fabric physical property settings to a stiff fabric. Seam folding angles also play an important role in controlling how your collar will be folded. If the folding angle is wrong, the collar will stand up strangely.

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Here is an example Marvelous Designer shirt collar:

Marvelous Designer Shirt Collar
Marvelous Designer Shirt Collar by Camille Kleinman
Marvelous Designer men's shirt with collar
Marvelous Designer men’s shirt with collar


Marvelous Designer Military Shirt Rolled Collar
Marvelous Designer Military Shirt Rolled Collar

Above is an example rolled Marvelous Designer collar used for a military shirt.

Here below is an example of a Marvelous Designer jacket collar:

Marvelous Designer leather jacket
Marvelous Designer leather jacket with collar


Here is an example elegant woman’s jacket with two collars.

Marvelous Designer Jacket Project File
Marvelous Designer Jacket with notched collar

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