Marvelous Designer Dress Tutorial Video – 3D Dynamic Medieval Dress Costume

Marvelous Designer dress tutorial video - part 2

Want to learn how to make Marvelous Designer Dresses?

Here’s part 2 of the CG Elves free video tutorial on making a medieval Renaissance dress in Marvelous Designer.

(Watch here part 1 of the Marvelous Designer clothing Tutorial for this Renaissance dress).


This tutorial was previously featured on 3D World Magazine and was created by renown Marvelous Designer expert, Camille Kleinman, who was the first to create training for the Marvelous Designer software program.

Check out her “Mastering Marvelous Designer” training program if you need to Learn Marvelous Designer and the art of making any type of clothes for games, films and animations, online shop catalogs, CG art or if you make clothes for sale on 3d marketplaces.

Please comment below with feedback on this video and you can also post a question in our Marvelous Designer dresses forum!

Here’s a wiki on dresses and history of them.

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