Marvelous Designer Clothing Tutorial (Free!)

Free Marvelous Designer Clothing Tutorial by Camille Kleinman

Camille Kleinman made free Marvelous Designer clothing tutorial videos on how to make a royal Renaissance dress in the MD software.
Her step-by-step Marvelous Designer tutorials are easy even for a complete newbie (beginner) to follow.
You’ll see the entire workflow of creating this Marvelous clothing project from start to finish in real-time.

In the following Marvelous Designer clothes tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the tools to create patterns for the various parts of this dress, how to sew patterns together, how to use elastic to create a waistband, how to make a skin-tight bodice and how to control the drape and look of the skirt.

You’ll learn how to make sleeves in Marvelous Designer (including a basic sleeve and a fancy hanging sleeve). You’ll also learn how to simulate the clothes and lower the particle distance to get a high-resolution mesh with realistic wrinkles and fine detail.

Camille Kleinman is the renown Marvelous Designer trainer expert who created “Mastering Marvelous Designer”, the very first and highly-acclaimed training program for MD, before tutorials existed. It was thanks to her that artists got to know this marvelous program exists.

Watch part 1 of Camille’s free Marvelous Designer Clothing Tutorial:

Here is part 2 of the Marvelous Designer dress tutorial video >>

Go here to download this Marvelous Designer dress garment file and presets.

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