Camille Kleinman’s Marvelous Designer Tutorials

Mastering Marvelous Designer Tutorials Review

Learning Marvelous Designer?

Camille Kleinman from CG Elves has many free Marvelous Designer tutorials, articles, and troubleshooting tips.

Marvelous Designer Jacket by Camille Kleinman
Marvelous Designer by Camille Kleinman

Want to know how to use the new MD6 or MD7 features?
Camille made free video tutorials all about the new Marvelous Designer 6 & 7 features and tools.

Are you a Marvelous Designer beginner?
Camille has several free video tutorials for beginners including the basics of how to texture clothes in Marvelous Designer, how to render realistic clothes in Keyshot, how to create torn clothes in Marvelous Designer, how to add fancy trims to Marvelous clothes, and how to convert Marvelous Designer clothes to Sansar clothes and list them for sale.

Looking for a free Marvelous Designer clothing workshop?
Camille Kleinman made a free step-by-step video workshop on how to make a Renaissance dress in Marvelous Designer.
Her workshop was featured in 3D Artist magazine and is now available for free on the CG Elves Youtube channel.
Camille is even giving her Marvelous Designer dress garment file, the dress patterns, and silky fabric preset for free on CG Elves!

About Camille Kleinman

Camille Kleinman Marvelous Designer Trainer
Camille Kleinman

Camille Kleinman is a highly-acclaimed Marvelous Designer trainer.
She created the first online course for Marvelous Designer when hardly anyone knew of MD and no tutorials existed yet.
Top film & game studios and over 30,000 artists have learned Marvelous Designer from her.

To learn more about Camille, read her biography at
For Marvelous Designer courses, free MD tutorials, and Marvelous clothing templates visit

Reviews of Camille Kleinman’s Marvelous Designer Courses:


“I was impressed with the amount of tutorials! Really many examples showing step by step how to build various types of clothes, from the simplest to the most complex. A course that caters to all levels of learning!” – Henrique Campanha, Character Artist & 3D Generalist,

“CG Elves contains some of the best training I’ve seen. Short, straight forward tutorials that focus on tasks we need to master as artists.
It doesn’t get much better than this training for Marvelous Designer.” – Ryan Kingslien
First product manager of ZBrush, Founder of ZBrushWorkshops and UArtsy, Certified ZBrush Instructor.

“Mastering marvelous designer is an excellent course that guides you step by step in learning one of the key sofwares in any character modeling pipeline when it comes to the creation of realistic clothing. Starting from the basics of the sofware, the course gradually introduces you through detailed video tutorials to the creation of piece of clothing of increasing complexity, in particular the workshop tutorials and theme exercises are extremely useful to anybody who wants to achieve realistic looking clothing and garments.” – Alessandro Baldasseroni, Character Artist – Riot Games,

“I have to tell you, the tutorial series is awesome… I’ve learned so much!
I’ve had MD since Version 3 and apparently had only cracked a few of the features.
Thanks so much for a wonderful product. It was money well spent.” – Denise Vitola, USA.

“Actually I’m not a cheerleader for most the tuts out there, but the CG Elves are a real time saver…
Lots of useful techniques and tips for problemsolving for all kinds of clothes.
I started (using) MD one year ago; the available training was spread all over the internet and the results in most cases looked like my stuff…weird, no pro level, and no idea how to improve it . I bought the cgelves training and its exactly what you need if you have no real world sewing experience like me. Every parameter of the software is really well explained.” – Juergen Stein, Germany

“First one that I found to be interesting and worth watching. Great course!
I Already could (create clothes in MD) but I did pick up some tricks and saw some great workflows…
Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a advanced user of MD, CG Elves got you covered!
Definitely my go to place when it comes to picking up tricks and leveling up my MD knowledge.” – Hasan Bajramovic, Sarajevo, BiH
Character Artist for Blur Studios, Digic Pictures, Axis Animation and more.

“I believe that Camille tutorials are the most extensive Marvelous Designer tutorials ever made, she covers everything in the application literally, and her teaching way is extremely simple. I would recommend her tutorials for all 3D character artists, they are the best online!” – Eyad Hussein, Character Technical Director at Buck.

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