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Marvelous Designer Jobs Forum

Seeking a job and have Marvelous Designer skills? Post about yourself here in the FREE Marvelous Designer Job seeker forum. You can Promote your artist services and talents in our FREE Directory Listing for artists seeking Marvelous Designer Jobs! 

New Marvelous Designer Forum Help Topics

Help forum to Learn Marvelous Designer – Forum on Rendering dynamic 3D Cloth & Marvelous Designer garments – Forum for Texturing 3D clothes & Marvelous Designer garments – Resources for 3D Clothes Forum – 3D Models and Avatars Forum – Marvelous Designer Presets Forum – MD Clothing Reference Image resources Help Forum

Help Forum Making Marvelous Designer Clothes

A new forum opened for 3d artists needing help Making Marvelous Designer Clothes. 

You’ll find here important Q&A discussion forum threads on making 3D clothes in Marvelous Designer software. Topics on Marvelous Designer Physical Property Presets, Marvelous Designer Clothing Patterns, Templates & Garment Files issues, and questions and for all sorts of 3D clothes.

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