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[Solved] Where can I learn to make Marvelous Designer fabric presets?

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HELP!!! I'm tryin to get my skirt to hang right like i want like i see in reference pic but always something happens and it swells up or looks like S*... πŸ™ how do I get the presets to work like i want in this Marvelous Designer?! Is there a good video tutorial for fabric presets somewhere?Β 

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Well, this is exactly what the CG Elves teach when making clothes in their advanced Mastering Marvelous Designer workshops. They also sell a huge library of MarvelousDesigner Physical Property Presets to cover all possible needs for fabric presets. There's over 300 presets in their library.

P.S.: the above link is to the CG Elves garment file library which includes ready-made clothes as well as clothing patterns and the presets. If you just want patterns and presets scroll to the very bottom and click the link.

Bottom line is if you want your cloth to drape correctly this is the best solution for you becauseΒ having custom fabric presets ("cheats") saves you a ton of time vs. fiddling with all the presets settings trying to get it right.

For complex materials, it can take longer than making the garment to get these settings perfect.
That is,Β of course, if you have an eye for detail and care about your artwork and how realistic your 3d garment looks.

See example below of how MD fabric material presets affect the look of hanging fabric:


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