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What types of Marvelous Designer sleeves are there?

Any sleeve from the real world can be created in Marvelous Designer.

There are several basic kinds of sleeves in the world on which all other sleeves are based.

The basic types of sleeves include short sleeves, half-length sleeves, long sleeves, a two-piece sleeve, raglan sleeves, ruffle sleeves, open-shoulder sleeves, off-the-shoulder sleeves, puffed sleeves, gigot sleeves, bishop sleeves, angel sleeves, long hanging sleeves (such as wizard sleeves), lantern sleeves, petal sleeves, Juliet sleeves, Leg-O-Mutton sleeves, twisted sleeves, and rolled-up sleeves.

Here are examples of Marvelous Designer puffed sleeves (including Gigot sleeves and gathered puffed princess sleeves).

Marvelous Designer Puffed Sleeves Patterns Presets Camille Kleinman
Marvelous Designer Puffed Sleeves Patterns Presets by Camille Kleinman

Can you make shirts with long sleeves in Marvelous Designer?
Yes, you can. You can create Marvelous Designer long sleeves for shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, coats, suits, dresses, and other outfits.

Here is an example jacket with long sleeves made in Marvelous Designer:

Marvelous Designer Jacket Long Sleeves
Marvelous Designer Jacket Long Sleeves by Camille Kleinman, CG Elves.

Can you push up and roll up Marvelous Designer sleeves?
Yes, since the sleeves simulate like real fabric you can push up, fold up, and roll up sleeves in Marvelous Designer.
You can even “freeze” parts of the sleeves to keep them from rolling down again.

How to fold sleeves in Marvelous Designer?
There are different methods to fold sleeves including folding along internal lines using fold angles, folding using pins in simulation, and folding sleeves using the Marvelous Designer fold tool.

Example Marvelous Designer Sleeves Rolled up
Example Marvelous Designer Sleeves folded up


How to make sleeves in Marvelous Designer?

Here’s a Marvelous Designer sleeves forum if you have questions about making sleeves in MD.

CG Elves has the best Marvelous Designer sleeves tutorials, sleeve patterns, and sleeve presets.
Through their sleeve tutorial videos in the sleeves workshop and through the extensive step-by-step clothes making workshops you’ll master everything you need to know to create every type of sleeve in Marvelous Designer.

Once you understand the fundaments of making sleeves you’ll be able to make all the sleeves you need!

It is strongly recommended to learn the full course “Mastering Marvelous Designer” so you get the correct workflows and understand the MD program ground up, as well as how to make all types of clothes, so you can then mix and match to create anything you need fast and easy. Even some of their total newbie students managed after 2 days of following this training to create their first garments. It’s the first and best Marvelous Designer training and they provide free new version update tutorials.

Mastering Marvelous Designer Tutorials Review
Glauco Longhi’s review of Marvelous Designer tutorials by CG Elves

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