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how to make Dforce clothing for DAZ studio from Marvelous Designer clothes?

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how to convert Marvelous Designer clothes to DAZ DForce clothes? Does one have to rig the clothes for DAZ or can one just import them and turn them into dynamic DForce clothes?

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Surprised this had been left dead, I can only advise how I do it.

Once I have the dress ready in MD I export as OBJ, have tried other formats, but they do not seem to work in DAZ

Import into DAZ and use the transfer utility to rig the dress and add Dforce from the same menu (EDIT-FIGURE-GEOMETRY) use the dynamic surface option. Now go to the Weight Editor Brush and make sure under "General Weights" that each bone that has been copied into the dress is affecting the area you want, I often find a "dead" area is left between the legs of a full skirt for instance, that will look odd when rendered and just plain naff if animated.

Check that the pose(s) you want do not involve a limb cutting through the fabric, remember that when you simulate the model will assume the starting pose then morph to the pose you have set, if at any point a body part moves through the cloth it will cause the fabric to explode and likely lock up your program for some time.

Change the starting pose or control how the simulation progresses by animating the change from starting pose to final one yourself, the simulation will follow it provided you set it to animation and not current frame. Or you can disable the option to start from original pose, if you do no need the dress to interact, just for the dress to hang correctly.

Be aware if you used pins in MD these will "dissolve" in the simulation and your outfit could slip down, or in this case the sash came undone, I had to stitch it in MD

I also find that the smashing graphics option in MD is a waste of space when exporting, they vanish, I now always add material and textures in DAZ, since the UV editor in MD is either non existent in older versions and totally basic in the new ones I route the export via 3DS MAX to make the UV map and add any graphics (such as badges) in there. I presume you can do this in any program with a decent UV editor, sadly DAZ is not in that list.

Sorry if I sound negative, I actually love MD, compared to the way I used to make clothes in 3DS MAX it is an absolute joy.

Hope this helps someone.


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