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Guest Posting FAQ- Adding a video embed code

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Guest Posting FAQ- Adding an image from a URL-final result

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This Marvelous Designer Forum Discussions and Q&A site is all about creating 3D clothing.
As a CG artist, if you use Marvelous Designer in your workflow, you probably expect it to be a great tool that helps create dynamic 3D garments rather fast. That is, if you know what you are doing and have a good and correct workflow plus a solid grip on using the MD software.

However, even the pro’s can at times find the MD software taxing. Hence we made this a place for questions of all things Marvelous – issues, how-to’s, questions and answers.

Marvelous Designer, a CLO 3D fashion industry software offshoot, is a cutting-edge cloth simulation software for creating realistic dynamic 3D clothing for games, films, animation, VFX, for pre-vis purposes, for 3D printing, as well as for a legal scene of crime re-creation and also for creating online eCom clothing catalogs.

Marvelous Designer is used by leading 3D and 2D artists, top game and animation studios, film studios, ad agencies, as well as by DAZ, POSER, Sansar, Reallusion/CC/iClone users and content creators making a living from selling garments on 3D marketplaces such as DAZ 3D, Renderosity, Second Life, Sansar and the Reallusion content shop.

It was used in games like Assassins Creed and for movies like The Hobbit, TED, the Adventures of Tin Tin and more.

3D Clothes made in Marvelous Designer are dynamic, meaning, the Marvelous Garments drape realistically on any pose.
It’s easy to animate the dynamic Marvelous Designer clothing, as well as add wind to make the clothes blow.

When you know what you’re doing, you can save lots of time by using Marvelous Designer software, instead of studying cloth anatomy and then sculpting wrinkles for endless hours. You can now create your 3D clothes faster by using Marvelous Designer.

Click to Visit our Marvelous Designers' Forum - Get Help Making 3D Clothes!

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