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Tutorials for Marvelous Designer flattening tool?  


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21/02/2018 6:17 pm  

Any good tutorials on how to use the Marvelous Designer 7 flattening tool? It looks so easy in the official Marvelous Designer tutorial but when I try to use it it has completely different results.

Does the flattening tool work for anyone else or does everyone also have issues with it?

Camille Kleinman
Marvelous Designer Expert
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21/02/2018 6:23 pm  

I haven't had much success with the Flattening tool. Honestly, I find this tool a waste of time to use. it takes longer to fix the messy results from the Flattening tool than to create patterns from scratch.

Here's my review of the Marvelous Designer Flattening tool, how it can be used, and it's limitations:


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