How to make silk fabric physical property for Marvelous Designer skirt?  



Hi all! I want to make a soft silk fabric in Marvelous Designer for some silk skirts, silk scarves etc. What settings must I set in the fabric physical property settings to create a silk effect? I want the fabric to hang, simulate and animate in a smooth, flowing manner like real silk. I tried changing some settings in the Marvelous Designer fabric properties, but I can't the result I want. the fabric either is too soft and stretches out of shape or looses all wrinkles, or it's too stiff.

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You can download my free soft silky Marvelous Designer fabric physical property preset here:

It's a great preset for flowing dresses, skirts, long sleeves, light capes etc.

I used this Marvelous Designer fabric property preset for the skirt and sleeves in the image below:

Free Marvelous Designer Dress Garment File Camille Kleinman


Make sure the bending is very low. Just play around with the settings till you get the look you want.

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