[Solved] How to make silk fabric physical property for Marvelous Designer skirt?  



Hi all! I want to make a soft silk fabric in Marvelous Designer for some silk skirts, silk scarves etc. What settings must I set in the fabric physical property settings to create a silk effect? I want the fabric to hang, simulate and animate in a smooth, flowing manner like real silk. I tried changing some settings in the Marvelous Designer fabric properties, but I can't the result I want. the fabric either is too soft and stretches out of shape or looses all wrinkles, or it's too stiff.


Make sure the bending is very low. Just play around with the settings till you get the look you want.


You can download my free soft silky Marvelous Designer fabric physical property preset here:  https://cgelves.com/free-marvelous-designer-dress-garment-file-patterns/

It's a great preset for flowing dresses, skirts, long sleeves, light capes etc.

I used this Marvelous Designer fabric property preset for the skirt and sleeves in the image below:

Free Marvelous Designer Dress Garment File Camille Kleinman


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