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Camille Kleinman
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21/02/2018 6:21 pm  

Hi guys! 🙂

I'd like to share some renders of my Marvelous Designer jackets and coats I made including women's jackets, men's jackets, a windbreaker, an elegant jacket, padded winter jackets, dress coats, and a rain jacket I made.

All these clothes were made solely in Marvelous Designer (with no ZBrush additions) and rendered either in Keyshot, Octane render standalone, or a screenshot taken in MD itself.

To learn how to make jackets in Marvelous Designer, visit

Marvelous Designer Jacket Sweater 3D Garment


Marvelous Designer Leather JacketMarvelous Designer coat

Marvelous Designer Woman's Casual Jacket3D Marvelous Designer windbraker rain Jacket garmentMarvelous Designer quilted ski Jacket 3D clothing -   CG Elves

Marvelous Designer quilted winter Jacket 3D clothes -   CG Elves

Marvelous Designer quilted rain Jacket for 3D models - CG Elves

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27/02/2018 2:44 pm  

very good!


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